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Three New Amelin Poems Up on Asymptote - January 17, 2014

You know an online literary journal is maximizing its chosen medium when it 1) releases a (genuinely cool) Youtube trailer for its latest issue, 2) has built a searchable map of its contributors, and 3) can justifiably describe itself as located both “everywhere and nowhere” because its masthead covers the globe. Welcome to Asymptote, a now-three-year-old international journal “dedicated to literary translation and bringing together in one place the best in contemporary writing.”

Annie and I are particularly excited then to have three of our Amelin translations–”I’m Thirty But Feel Three Hundred,” “Long Now You’ve Lounged in Earth,” and “Rising at Morning from My Graveside,” all from Amelin’s book The Horse of the Gorgon (2003)–included in the current issue of Asymptote. Come for the Russian poetry, presented in a snazzy bilingual format, stay for the Coetzee and Michael Hoffman.

With our thanks to Aditi Machado (Poetry Editor), Lee Yew Leong (Editor-in-Chief), and Asymptote’s intrepid Central Asia Editor-at-Large, Alex Cigale.

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