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Poems, Essays, & Translations 


“A Poem for the Scoundrel Lucian Freud”

(long poem, At Length, July 2019)

“We Live Our Lives through Other People’s Bodies”

(poem, Laurel Review and Verse Daily, November 12, 2018)

“Heliotrope, Or Man’s Mind Angles Inevitably Toward God”

(poem, American Literary Review and Verse Daily, April 4, 2018)


(poem, Postcard Poems & Prose, March 2018)

Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt"

(long poem, Blackbird 16.1 spring 2017)

“The Journal of Glacial Archaeology”

 (poem, Booth: A Journal, 2017)

"At the Johnsonville Bratwurst Eating Competition—Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2006"

(poem, Indiana Humanities Council, 2017)

"Ten New Ways to Read Ronald Johnson's Radios"

(essay, Poetry Daily and the Kenyon Review, summer 2015)

“Walt Whitman’s iPad”

(essay, Poetry Northwest, May 18, 2015)

“An Ordinary Evening in San Francisco”

(poem, The Blue Lyra Review 4.2, spring 2015)

"Midnight at the School of Cosmetology" 

 (poem, American Literary, Review 2012 and Redux, 2015)

“Five Translations of Maxim Amelin”

(translations from the Russian, with Anne O. Fisher, Lunch Ticket, winter/spring 2015)

“The Air”

(poem, The Missouri Review’s ”Poem of the Week,” January 12 – 18, 2015)

“The First Time: On W. S. Merwin”

(essay, Memorious, April 1, 2012)


(poem, The Missouri Review 29.1, spring 2006 and VerseDaily, June 15, 2011)


 (poem, Memorious 15, October 2010)


(poem, Court Green 4, winter 2007 and Verse Daily, March 13, 2007)