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Writers Resist: Hoosier Writers Unite - January 14, 2018

My friend and fellow poet, Josh Brewer, did a wonderful thing recently: he put together Writers Resist: Hoosier Writers Unite (Chatter House Press, 2017), a post-inauguration anthology of resistance writing. I was honored have been a part of the initial reading–in Bloomington–that shape this book. I’m thrilled to have an essay (“An Open Letter from a Poet on the Professor Watch List”) and a poem (“The Journal of Glacial Archaeology”) published therein.

Grab a copy from Chatter House PressAmazon, or a local bookseller like Indy Reads Books. You’ll find some stirring work by the likes of Ania Spyra, Christine Brandel, David Shumate, Emily Bobo, JL Kato, Joe Heithaus, Karen Kovacik, Kaveh Akbar, Keith S. Wilson, Kevin McKelvey, Kyle Hunter, Lydia Johnson, Ross Gay, Scott Russell Sanders, Shari Miller Wagner, Terry Kirts, Tony Brewer, and Tracy Mishkin.

Derek Mong