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Why I No Longer Subscribe to the Indianapolis Star - May 23, 2017

To the Editorial Board of the Indianapolis Star:

Because you failed to denounce the appointment of an avowed white supremacist to the President-elect’s inner circle (Steve Bannon); and because you, unlike your parent paper (USA Today), did not renounce Donald Trump as “unfit” for the office from the start; and because you normalize autocracy (flag burners should spend “a year in jail,” Muslims may be registered) by not standing against it; and because you soft pedaled a campaign that preyed upon the most vulnerable among us (xenophobia, racism, and misogyny should be called exactly that); and because silence in the face of hate speech is its own form of hate; I have cancelled my subscription to the Indianapolis Star. Would you reconsider your coverage? I’ll reconsider how I support the fourth estate.

-Derek Mong

Derek Mong