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Two Poems on the Sun: The Kenyon Review & Lindenwood Review - January 14, 2018

Years ago, my friend and fellow poet, Alexa Forrester, offered up one of the coolest lines I’ve yet heard from a small child: “Mom, when the earth flies into the sun it will be morning every day.” The source was her son, Cameron. I couldn’t help but take that sentiment and spin it into a poem (or two).

The fruits of that labor appeared last year, when the Kenyon Review published my poem “‘When the Earth Flies into the Sun” in issue 39.4 (July/August 2017) and the Lindenwood Review published a brief, prequel poem: “The Sun” in their seventh issue.

My thanks to David Baker and David Lynn at the Kenyon Review and Beth Mead at Lindenwood. And an extra special nod to Beth Mead for nominating “The Sun” for a Pushcart Prize.

Derek Mong