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The Best Russian Zombie Poem You’ve Never Read - August 27, 2014

Paul Richardson, the wonderful editor at Chetnia (“readings” in Russian), recently added our translation of Maxim Amelin’s “There’s No Peace on Earth or in Heaven” to the intranets. Paul published the poem back in Chetnia 18 (Spring 2012)–back issues available here!–but went the extra mile to make the content accessible to anyone and everyone with a web browser. For that we thank him. The link to the poem made it just a touch easier to discuss Nikolay Fedorov’s “Philosophy of the Common Task” in our Amelin interview on Jacket2.

According to Amelin, Fedorov is probably the only thinker to develop “a unified philosophical system […] on Russian soil.” For details on that system, see our interview. Much of it is over my head, though I’ve never forgotten the best part: the dead will be resurrected in their decaying human forms. In short, there’s a native Russian zombie culture… and you can read about it in this poem.

Derek Mong