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“Ten New Ways to Read Ronald Johnson’s Radi os” is the Poetry Daily Prose Feature of the Week - July 13, 2015

My essay “Ten New Ways to Read Ronald Johnson’s Radi os was up all last week at Poetry Daily, a wonderful bit of exposure for the piece, Johnson’s poem, and the Kenyon Review, where it’s been published in this month’s new issue: number 37.4 (July/August 2015). Give it a read (for free!) to hear new takes on erasure, speed reading, cookbooks, and the theory of literary relativity await you. Or subscribe to the Kenyon Review and get good stuff all year. With thanks to David BakerDavid Lynn, and GC Waldrep over at KR.

And extra thanks for Natalie Shapero, fellow Saturnalia author, for her lovely read on the essay in the KROnline feature: “Why We Chose It.” She makes a nice point about the use of erasure for poets interested in redactions and the police state: Phil MetresSolmaz Sharif, for instance. Interesting stuff!

Derek Mong