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“Glaciers” in Crab Creek Review 29.1 (winter 2016) - April 5, 2017

In last year’s winter issue of Crab Creek Review, I wrote a poem in the voice of a glacier. Pick up a copy of this fantastic journal if you have a chance, or subscribe. My thanks to Jenifer Lawrence and my old friend and press-mate, Martha Silano.

What follows is a brief note that accompanies the poem.

On “Glaciers”: To live today is to experience the occasional bout of species self-hatred. We make movies in which apes are the heroes. We live with climatological changes for which we’ve only ourselves to blame. “Glaciers” is a tongue-lashing that attempts to exorcise this particular loathing.

It is also a dramatic monologue and a bit of a dodge. The poem comes from my forthcoming book, The Identity Thief, where I’m often keen to become someone else.

Derek Mong