Five New Poems (and My Thoughts on the Unknown) in Chariton Review 38.1 (Spring 2015)

Pick up a copy of the new Chariton Review–brought to you by the good folks at Truman State University Press–to find five new poem by yours truly, written over the course of, well, five or six years? So by “new” I mean “old,” in a way. The oldest among them, appropriately enough, is titled ”A Time [...]

Mantis 13, Now Available! (Introduction to New Poems Below)

We here at Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation has recently released out 13th issue. I’m as proud as ever to be Mantis‘s Poetry Editor and invite you to pick up a copy wherever you can. Our website is, as always, in need of a little TLC, but our journal itself is handsomely designed (thank you [...]

“Walt Whitman’s iPad” (essay) at Poetry Northwest

My thanks to Aaron Barrell at Poetry Northwest for publishing my new essay, “Walt Whitman’s iPad,” this past weekend. The piece takes a recent advertisement for Apple’s iPad Air—and one where the audio consists primarily of Robin Williams’s reciting Whitman’s “O Me! O Life!” (1867)—as an opportunity to answer the following questions: would Whitman mind hawking cellular doo-dads? [...]

It’s Not Every Day You Get to See Your Poems in Mandarin

A couple of months ago I received the seventh issue of Enclave (Winter 2014), a handsomely designed Chinese literary journal supported by the Shenzhen Cultural Production Fund. Included were a number of my poems, translated into Mandarin by Qin Sunshu, and featured in a larger “Horizons” portfolio alongside work by Peter Campion, Wang Ao, and Wang Xiaoni. I’m [...]

Four Poems from The Identity Thief in the Laurel Review (Winter 2014, 47.2)

Take a look at the current issue of The Laurel Review for four new poems from my completed manuscript, The Identity Thief. There’s a pair of meta-lyrical meditations on writing and translating–”To Assemble This Poems Properly” and “To Translate This Poem Properly”–as well as a short piece about a bedside vigil and the keen of small airplanes carrying donor [...]

Amelin Translations Receive a Finalist Nod for the Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation

Anne Fisher and I were recently named Finalists for the Gabo Prize For Literature in Translation, named after Gabriel García Márquez, “whose work” the editors write, “has been translated into over a hundred languages, influencing authors far and wide.” Mosey on over to Lunch Ticket to read the five new translations of Maxim Amelin, whose birthday–I’m [...]

“The Air” is a Poem-of-the-Week Selection at The Missouri Review

The first journal to accept my original poetry was the Missouri Review, way back in 2006, when they awarded me their Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize. The poetry editor then was a fine fellow (and fellow poet) by the name of Jason Koo. I’m thankful to Ye Chun, their current poetry editor, for this recent [...]

“Since the Advent of the Fisher King” in Cooper Street

Check out the second issue of Cooper Street Journal for a decidedly odd poem of mine wherein Cleveland in the 1990s kinda resembles England in the 60s, at least so far as haircuts go. Fans of Rocky movies, syllabics, Arthurian legends, and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (the 1962 film more than the 1959 novella) [...]

“Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt” Is a Semi-Finalist in the Black River Chapbook Competition

“Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt” endeavors, over the course of 46 octets, to draw a desert ascetic into open dialogue. That ascetic is Mary of Egypt, whose twin lives as a prostitute and penitent offer twin virtues which the speaker, a new parent, newly desires: erotic freedom and extended solitude. The poem, which constitutes [...]

Four New Amelin Poems in Reunion: The Dallas Review (Vol. 4)

Get your hands on the current issue of Reunion: The Dallas Review for four new translations of Maxim Amelin’s poetry from Annie and myself. These include some our favorite of his poems, and are also among the very first we translated. I remember workshopping “Teach Me to Beseech You”–our very first collaborative translation–at an AATSEEL conference [...]

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