Four New Amelin Poems in Reunion: The Dallas Review (Vol. 4)

Get your hands on the current issue of Reunion: The Dallas Review for four new translations of Maxim Amelin’s poetry from Annie and myself. These include some our favorite of his poems, and are also among the very first we translated. I remember workshopping “Teach Me to Beseech You”–our very first collaborative translation–at an AATSEEL conference [...]

“Cyclopean Language Consists of Consonants” in New Gobshite Quarterly

The only literary journal you’ll likely find that prints postage stamps alongside an author’s country of origin, Gobshite Quarterly is among Portland’s collection of fine small press journals. We’re happy to have one of our Amelin translations, “Cyclopean Language Consists of Consonants,” included in their current double issue (Summer/Fall 2014). Fellow Russian translator Alex Cigale is [...]

The Would-Be Book of Marriage: Edward Weston and Charis Wilson Remake Leaves of Grass (1942)

Last February I flew back to my old stomping grounds at The University of Louisville for the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900. The reason? To convince a surprisingly robust audience that the American photographer Edward Weston (1886 – 1958) and his wife, the aspiring poet Charis Wilson (1914 – 2009), produced the [...]

The Best Russian Zombie Poem You’ve Never Read

Paul Richardson, the wonderful editor at Chetnia (“readings” in Russian), recently added our translation of Maxim Amelin’s “There’s No Peace on Earth or in Heaven” to the intranets. Paul published the poem back in Chetnia 18 (Spring 2012)–back issues available here!–but went the extra mile to make the content accessible to anyone and everyone with [...]

New Poem in The Cincinnati Review (11.1) Summer 2014

The expertly edited (and designed!) Cincinnati Review recently published my poem “The First Heartbeat” in their summer 2014 issue. (They also carried a piece in summer of 2009, issue 6.1.) A short, syllabic lyric on how the heart first starts (and is first heard), this poem took more than a little tinkering to make its [...]

Jacket2 Publishes Our Interview with Maxim Amelin: “Resisting the Art of Entropy Triumphant”

Jacket2, which publishes “articles, reviews, interviews, discussions and collaborative responses, archival documents, podcasts, and descriptions of poetry symposia and projects,” has recently added our 2013 interview with Maxim Amelin–the first such interview to appear in English–to their already rich content. We’re downright thankful for the opportunity, and are please to see the interview quickly followed [...]

Oklahoma Loves Me

Despite the occasional unsavory remark I have–from time to time–lobbed in its direction, the Sooner State continues to publish my poems. My wife, Tulsa-born, must still have some karmic pull. Or maybe my poetry hero, John Berryman, who was hails from McAlester, home to the state pen. Which is all to say that I’ve a [...]

“First Book Poets in Conversation: Derek Mong & Dean Rader” and “99 Poems for the 99%”

My sojourn from Portland to the AWP conference in Seattle last month gave me an opportunity to chat with the poet Dean Rader, the first time I’ve been able to do so since  November of 2012 when the family and I left San Francisco for the friendlier environs of the Pacific Northwest. Dean is a generous [...]

Mantis 12 Available at AWP in Seattle!

For all of you visiting Seattle this weekend, consider dropping by the Mantis table at the Bookfair to check out our twelfth issue. The poetry, as you’ll no doubt glean from my introduction below, is outstanding: The poetry in this, Mantis’s twelfth issue, begins with a Yes and ends with the New. “Yes!” as Meredith [...]

Three New Amelin Poems Up on Asymptote

You know an online literary journal is maximizing its chosen medium when it 1) releases a (genuinely cool) Youtube trailer for its latest issue, 2) has built a searchable map of its contributors, and 3) can justifiably describe itself as located both “everywhere and nowhere” because its masthead covers the globe. Welcome to Asymptote, a [...]

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