“Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt,” a finalist for the Wells College Press Chapbook Contest, will appear in Blackbird

Congratulations to the J.R. Tappenden, whose chapbook Independent City, won the 2016 Wells Press Chapbook Contest. My own manuscript, Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt, was a finalist, and I was delighted to read the following from Wells Press: “Judges’ comments about the manuscript included praise for it as ‘a wonderfully complex and suggestive meditation’ combining elements [...]

Three New Poems in The American Literary Review (online, fall 2015)

I’m delighted to have three poems in the current issue of American Literary Review: “In the Land Between Sex and Conception,” “The Second Year,” and “The Undecided Voter.” Check out some new translations from Jesse Lee Kercheval too, and lovely poems by Dan Beachy-Quick and Gary Fincke. My thanks to Bruce Bond and Corey Mark for the opportunity to [...]

“The Book of Sex” and “The Book of Sex 2″ (poems) in Potomac Review 57 (fall 2015)

The newly redesigned Potomac Review is a sight to behold. I’m honored to have two short poems, eight lines each, in the current issue, number 57: “The Book of Sex” and “The Book of Sex 2.” You’ll have to order this one online, as Potomac is print only… but it’s worth it! My thanks to Potomac‘s editor, [...]

Letter to the Editor in The Oregonian, Friday October 16, 2015

When the Oregonian/OregonLive published an editorial asserting that we “lack defensible information” connecting gun ownership and gun deaths, I could not let it pass. And so I did the most old-fashioned and civic-minded thing that came to mind: I wrote a letter to the editor telling them why they’re wrong. Below is the full letter, unedited. [...]

Saturnalia Books to Publish The Identity Thief in 2018

I’m delighted to announce that my second poetry collection, The Identity Thief, will be published by Saturnalia Books in 2018! My thanks to Henry Israeli, Sarah Blake, and Saturnalia for being so exceptionally supportive. My first collection, Other Romes, appeared with Saturnalia in 2011, and I’m delighted to stay with a publisher that continues to support its authors. [...]

Dr. Derek Mong’s Dissertation Acknowledgments

Last Thursday I defended my doctoral dissertation on Whitman and Dickinson at Stanford University, but–as anyone who has ever written anything knows–I didn’t exactly accomplish that feat alone. Below are my acknowledgments, just as they appear in the dissertation. One shouldn’t have to navigate ProQuest to be thanked.   ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am grateful to my [...]

“The Daniel Swiftboating of Helen Vendler”

The knives are out again for Helen Vendler. In the following essay I posted for KROnline, I tell you why.  

Neo-Latin Adaptation in Drunken Boat 22 (with audio!)

Check out Drunken Boat 22 for my adaptation of Jacob Balde’s “Melancholia.” Balde has my favorite conversion story of all the Jesuit poets I know… admittedly a small number. He was serenading a woman from beneath her window when he heard a psalm sung from a nearby church. The psalm, he thought, was better. Shortly thereafter, he joined [...]

“The Poet’s Salter: An Appreciation of James Salter”

I love James Salter (1925 – 2015) and his fiction. I am a poet. Are these two facts in any way related? Or, to put it another way, “Is a writer’s writer’s writer really just a poet’s writer all along?” This is the question I explore in the “The Poet’s Salter: An Appreciation of James [...]

Brief Interview Up Now at Kenyon Review Online

“Writing advice is like that collection of microbes growing in your stomach. Everybody’s got some, but do you really want to share?” “Translation is a marvelous thing: it removes the problem of invention, heightens our relationship with other literatures, and makes us less dependent on the self.” These and other bits of writerly reflection are [...]

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