Neo-Latin Adaptation in Drunken Boat 22 (with audio!)

Check out Drunken Boat 22 for my adaptation of Jacob Balde’s “Melancholia.” Balde has my favorite conversion story of all the Jesuit poets I know… admittedly a small number. He was serenading a woman from beneath her window when he heard a psalm sung from a nearby church. The psalm, he thought, was better. Shortly thereafter, he joined [...]

“The Poet’s Salter: An Appreciation of James Salter”

I love James Salter (1925 – 2015) and his fiction. I am a poet. Are these two facts in any way related? Or, to put it another way, “Is a writer’s writer’s writer really just a poet’s writer all along?” This is the question I explore in the “The Poet’s Salter: An Appreciation of James [...]

Brief Interview Up Now at Kenyon Review Online

“Writing advice is like that collection of microbes growing in your stomach. Everybody’s got some, but do you really want to share?” “Translation is a marvelous thing: it removes the problem of invention, heightens our relationship with other literatures, and makes us less dependent on the self.” These and other bits of writerly reflection are [...]

Maxim Amelin in Atlanta Review’s Russia Issue (spring/summer 2015)

Alex Cigale, one of America’s leading editors of Russian poetry, has included a new Amelin poem in his special “Russia” issue of the Atlanta Review (22.2). Alex guest-edited the issue, and Annie and I are thankful to him and Daniel Veach, the editor and publisher of Atlanta Review.  Also included are two reprints of earlier translations. [...]

“Hide and Seek” and the International Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski Society

Matthias Sarbiewski (1595 – 1640), a Neo-Latin poet often referred to as the Polish Horace, has joined social media! Thanks to Krzysztof Fordonski and the International Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski Society, new trends in Sarbiewski scholar and translation can now be followed on Facebook. Fordonski is himself a Sarbiewski scholar and his wonderful Casimir Brittannicus (2010) collects the long tradition [...]

Three New Poems at Printer’s Devil Review 5.1 (spring 2015)

Printer’s Devil Review, which graciously allows you to download a full PDF of their current issue, has published three of my poems in their spring 2015 issue: “The Rented House,” “Blason Wherein My Head Becomes a Mountain,” and “On the Flooding of Prague.” The latter two are adapted from the Latin of Joachim Du Bellay [...]

“An Ordinary Evening in San Francisco” in Blue Lyra Review 4.2 (2015)

I’ve a new poem up now at Blue Lyra Review: ”An Ordinary Evening in San Francisco.” Spoiler notice: I fall out of love with the city. Thanks to my old friend Jason Koo, who guest-edited the poetry for this issue.

“Ten New Ways to Read Ronald Johnson’s Radi os” is the Poetry Daily Prose Feature of the Week

My essay “Ten New Ways to Read Ronald Johnson’s Radi os“ was up all last week at Poetry Daily, a wonderful bit of exposure for the piece, Johnson’s poem, and the Kenyon Review, where it’s been published in this month’s new issue: number 37.4 (July/August 2015). Give it a read (for free!) to hear new takes on erasure, speed reading, [...]

Five New Poems (and My Thoughts on the Unknown) in Chariton Review 38.1 (Spring 2015)

Pick up a copy of the new Chariton Review–brought to you by the good folks at Truman State University Press–to find five new poem by yours truly, written over the course of, well, five or six years? So by “new” I mean “old,” in a way. The oldest among them, appropriately enough, is titled ”A Time [...]

Mantis 13, Now Available! (Introduction to New Poems Below)

We here at Mantis: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism, and Translation has recently released out 13th issue. I’m as proud as ever to be Mantis‘s Poetry Editor and invite you to pick up a copy wherever you can. Our website is, as always, in need of a little TLC, but our journal itself is handsomely designed (thank you [...]

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