“Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt,” a finalist for the Wells College Press Chapbook Contest, will appear in Blackbird

Congratulations to the J.R. Tappenden, whose chapbook Independent City, won the 2016 Wells Press Chapbook Contest. My own manuscript, Colloquy with St. Mary of Egypt, was a finalist, and I was delighted to read the following from Wells Press:

“Judges’ comments about the manuscript included praise for it as ‘a wonderfully complex and suggestive meditation’ combining elements of the poet’s personal life and study with ‘multi-layered historical story-telling and unusual muse-worship.’ It was also described as both ‘very original’ and ‘fascinating,’ a tour-de-force that the poet ‘pulls off masterfully.’”

In the meantime, Blackbird has picked up the entire poem, a 320 seduction of dessert saint, for a publication in 2016! My thanks to both Wells College Press and Blackbird for believing in the central poem for my forthcoming collection, The Identity Thief.