poems and prose

“The Air”

(poem, The Missouri Review’s ”Poem of the Week,” January 12 – 18, 2015)

“Walt Whitman’s iPad”

(essay, Poetry Northwest, May 18, 2015)

“An Ordinary Evening in San Francisco”

(poem, The Blue Lyra Review 4.2, spring 2015)


(poem, Michigan Quarterly Review 46.1 winter 2007)


(poem, The Kenyon Review 30.2, spring 2008)

“The First Time: On W. S. Merwin”

(essay, Memorious, April 1, 2012)


(poem, Court Green 4, winter 2007 and VerseDaily March 13, 2007)


(poem, The Missouri Review 29.1, spring 2006 and VerseDaily, June 15, 2011)


(poem, Memorious 15, October 2010)

“O h i o—”

(poem, Alehouse 2, winter 2007)

“Since the Advent of the Fisher King I’ve Been a Fool”

(poem, Cooper Street 2, winter 2015)

“Dramatic, Custom-Built Spanish Colonial”

(essay, Cream City Review 32.1, spring 2008)

“On the Hills of Perusia”

(adaptations from Propertius, Devil’s Lake, fall 2010)

“Five Translations of Maxim Amelin”

(translations from the Russian, with Anne O. Fisher, Lunch Ticket, winter/spring 2015)